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COVID-19 Podcast

Responding to COVID-19: Conversations with Joseph P Galichia, MD.

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About Joseph P Galichia, MD

Joseph P. Galichia, MD, FACC is the founder and former president of Galichia Medical Group, PA, in Wichita, Kansas. Joseph P Galichia, MD was one of the first American doctors to perform the life-saving procedure known as angioplasty.

Newman University
Newman University

Founded in 1933, Newman University is grounded in Catholic values and traditions, yet is respectful of all faith traditions. At Newman you'll find people, programs, organizations and activities designed to educate your mind and inspire your spirit. The main campus is located in Wichita, Kansas with outreach sites in Southeast Kansas, Western Kansas, Colorado Springs, Colorado. and Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Newman is a sponsored ministry of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, United States Region.

Joseph P Galichia, MD is proud to serve on the Board of Trustees of Newman University.

Wichita Grand Opera
Enriching Lives Through Inspirational Productions

At its founding, Wichita Grand Opera became the first professional opera company in the state of Kansas. From our home at the Century II Performing Arts Center in downtown Wichita, we create inspirational productions of great works of art to enrich our community. We strive to develop artists, programming, and activities to carry the artistic vitality of opera forward into the 21st century.

Joseph P Galichia, MD serves on the Executive Board of Directors.

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Rainbows United
Rainbows United

Following her family tradition of supporting education in Kansas, Joseph P Galichia, MD's daughter Stephanie serves on the Board of Directors for Rainbows United.

Rainbows United, Inc. was founded in 1972 as a developmental training center for children with severe, multiple disabilities who were ineligible for special education services provided through the public schools. In the 1970's, when legislation required public schools to provide services to all children of school age regardless of their disability, Rainbows began focusing on delivery of early intervention services to children below school age.

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Joseph P Galichia, MD
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